Land Use, Planning & Development

We transform complex land use challenges​ into successful projects.

High Quality Promise

We bring extensive industry knowledge and a strategic approach to every project. Our team combines years of experience with up-to-date expertise on regulations and best practices in land use, development, and permitting.

We are passionate about our projects and take great pride in realizing goals into reality.

Pattern is a planning and land use consulting company based in Los Angeles, offering a wide range of services including:

Our team offers complete support for your project, from planning to construction, while keeping costs low and maximizing efficiency. We manage all aspects of the project and work closely with architects, engineers, planners, geologists, biologists, and contractors to ensure that your project goals are achieved.

Our team collaborates with local jurisdictions to develop comprehensive long-term plans, such as General Plan updates, Specific Plans, and Historic Preservation guidelines, among others. We assist in identifying appropriate land uses, zoning regulations, and other necessary requirements to achieve community goals.

We manage the approval process for your project, ensuring your application meets all requirements and is approved in a timely manner. We have experience with various permits and entitlements, including:

  1. Coastal Development Permits
  2. Transit Oriented Communities (LA City & Pasadena) & Density Bonuses
  3. Conditional Use Permits & Specific Plans
  4. Variances, Adjustments, and Modifications.
  5. Zone Changes & General Plan Amendments
  6. Subdivisions
  7. Lot Line Adjustments 
  8. Well, Septic, Propane and Food Warehouse permits.
  9. Building permits.
  10. Revocable & Sewer Permits
  11. Violation & Code Enforcement Issues

Our team conducts comprehensive investigations and feasibility assessments to confirm zoning regulations and title/easement details. Developing constraint mapping for the property in question and determining the optimal regulatory approach for the proposed project.

Benefit from our Expert Witness services as we interpret land use and permit issues in legal settings. Depend on us for precise and understandable testimonies to bolster your case.